The war on cancer has been a decades long battle, with no significant victory.  This is not for lack of means to win, but because the approach lacks the right tactics.  If we are to use the war metaphor, it is like having the artillery and not knowing where to shoot.  The first step we have to take is to understand exactly what causes cancer.  Then we can attack it at the very root and not only destroy it, but we can prevent it from ever coming back.In my personal battle with cancer I have studied this enemy in detail and from every possible angle, discovered its modus operandi, its strengths and its weaknesses, and I was able to put together a powerful war plan to destroy it.  It took me 13 years of intensive research based solely on published scientific literature written by reliable and accepted scientists; I not only went through their studies, I reviewed the research on which they based their thesis to make sure that their conclusions were correct.

I am a firm believer that knowledge is power.  I will never forget the feeling of helplessness and hopelessness I experienced when I first heard the dreaded diagnosis, that my son had cancer.  But that fear of the unknown is no longer a part of my life.  I have studied cancer, I understand cancer and I have beaten it many times over.  There is no greater satisfaction than when I see a person who was told they have no hope, literally come back to life.  It was a completely different world when I was told my mother had terminal cancer; at that time I already knew what to do, and success was exhilarating.

Arm Yourself

This website contains information on some of the pathways by which our G-d-given immune system can seek out and destroy pre-cancerous or cancerous cells. It will help you to understand why the immune system was compromised and did not have the ammunition to destroy cancer. Armed with this information, we will restore our body’s natural ability to prevent cancer from occurring again as well.

I firmly believe that it is a mistake to speak of a cure for cancer. In reality, cancer is not a disease, but rather a symptom of severe deficiencies, which are described on this site. When we know how to correct the deficiencies that allowed the symptom to happen in the first place, we will G-d willing achieve total remission.

Know Your Enemy

In order to destroy an enemy, we need to understand who he is and what his strengths and weaknesses are. We must approach cancer in the same manner. Cancer has many strengths which makes it resistant to a multitude of therapies. Thankfully, it also has its share of weaknesses which we can take advantage of in order to attack and destroy it. Cancer has certain pathways through which it controls its host so that it can grow and proliferate. We need to learn how to manipulate these mechanisms so that they work in our favor.

Many people are able to survive their primary tumors through conventional medical treatments. Unfortunately, many of these same people ultimately die as a result of the metastases or from the therapies themselves. We can use chemotherapy, radiation and surgery to remove cancerous tumors; however, unless we resolve the underlying problem, more often than not the cancer comes back. And when it does, it tends to do so with a vengeance. That is why prevention of cancer recurrence must be an essential component of the strategy.

Take Control

I am not a medical doctor; I don’t diagnose and I don’t prescribe. I am a medical researcher who studies cancer from a biological and a physiological standpoint. Safirstein Research approaches cancer using tested and clinically proven methodology. Cancer is not a place to be taking risks. I have seen our approach turn around otherwise helpless and hopeless situations time and time again.

If you came here looking for a medical doctor, I am sure your medical doctor is intelligent and compassionate and doing his best with the conventional resources at his disposal. If that is not bringing about the desired results or if you are looking to improve the results you have achieved with his help, I have the information that you need.

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