A Little Background…

By Abraham Safirstein

How My Journey Began

My son Ariel, of blessed memory, passed away in 2001 at the young age of 32 after battling brain cancer for 8 years.  When we received the original diagnosis, we were shocked and confused.   The oncologist recommended immediate surgery which was performed by a very skilled neurosurgeon who was able to remove the entire tumor without causing any impairment.  Immediately after that, the oncologist insisted that he follow up with aggressive radiation “to prevent recurrence.”  The amount of radiation necessary, he said, is the most a person can get in a lifetime.  At the time I was clueless about cancer and trusted the doctor blindly.  The second opinion we consulted concurred that radiation was crucial to avoid recurrence.

The tumor did in fact return after 18 months, which needed an additional surgery.  This was successfully performed again by the same neurosurgeon.  Unbeknown to me, radiation treatment of this kind is documented as having only a 17% chance of success, but it is highly likely to cause a very aggressive, mostly lethal, tumor within 8 to 12 years – which is precisely what happened.

After the second surgery I did my own research and found that I had been hoodwinked into doing a procedure that had little to gain and much to lose.  I came to the conclusion that I cannot blindly trust anyone and, if I want to save his life, I would have to continue my own research.

The Search Begins

In looking for a real solution, I started by reviewing the way several popular chemotherapy drugs work. I analyzed the results and conclusions of the clinical trials, I checked the charts comparing the survival time between the drugs and placebo, and came to the conclusion that the end results were, in most cases, not acceptable.

Getting to the Root of the Problem

I decided to find out what went wrong that the body allowed cancer to happen in the first place. I always look for clues to understand how things work in the Torah. The common understanding is that the Almighty created Adam “From the dust of the earth”.  From a biochemical perspective I understand dust in this case means elements- namely, atoms. G-d established that the force that bonds the different atoms into molecules must follow a precise pattern; neutrons, protons, electrons, and what-have-you have a predetermined behavior that continues since Creation, and is predictable through science.

Take water, for example. H2O, two atoms of hydrogen bonded to one atom of oxygen. Both hydrogen and oxygen are gases, highly reactive and capable of generating energy and fire. Once bonded, they become a liquid that can put out the fire. Isn’t that fascinating?

Applying the same idea to how the body works, Adam was created on the sixth day of Creation, after which the Almighty said “very good”; so logic tells me that Adam was created perfect by the Source of infinite intelligence.   Man is a perfect machine which should not fail if properly maintained the way it was designed.  The trouble begins when we do not follow the “user’s manual” and fail to supply ourselves with the essential nutrients we require.  We compound the damage by consuming chemically processed foods that not only are devoid of any nutritional value, but are actually detrimental to our health.

My War Metaphor

I was at war with cancer. I knew that “cut, poison and burn” was not the right way to win the war, so I asked myself: what does a good general do when his troops confront a very powerful enemy? First is intelligence: find out the enemy’s operating mode, its strengths and weaknesses.  Second is weaponry: find out which weapons will be able to destroy it. And third: attack relentlessly with overwhelming power.

After some time I achieved my breakthrough; I found Dr. Kimball’s online Biology Pages. In my good old days I had a professor who had sparked my interest in biology and bio-chemistry, and I now found myself on Dr. Kimball’s site like a child in a candy store. At some point, I hit a wall and needed help, so I wrote to him asking for help. Surprisingly, he wrote back, but didn’t answer my question.  Instead, he taught me how to ask the proper questions in search for the answers, and I was able to take it from there. I also learned cancer cell biology from Dr. Ed Friedlander, M.D., Pathologist, who has a great “pathological” sense of humor.

I studied cancer cell biology to find the cancer cell’s strengths and weaknesses, both of which are abundant, and was able to design a program that attacked most of the weaknesses while inhibiting many of its strengths.

Preparing the Arsenal

All the items in my program were assembled from published articles in peer-reviewed medical journals.  I made sure that the scientists behind those studies have the proper qualifications, and also reviewed the sources they used to substantiate their conclusions. I have seen many articles with good research but with the wrong conclusions, so I don’t take anything at face value just because it was published.

I am privileged to have developed close relationships with leading edge health practitioners who have shared their expertise and experience with me in my quest for true understanding of this formidable enemy.  I also researched advanced nutritional approaches in order to develop a unique program to maximize the incredible power of the immune system that G-d built into man to fight off disease.

Losing the First Battle

As I advanced in my research, Ariel went on to apply what we found, and 6 years after his second surgery his primary tumor was under control, shrinking, and he felt well. That is when the aggressive preventive radiation he received years before came back to haunt us.  Normally, when a cancer returns and/or metastasizes, it maintains its original form, even when it moves to other organs. For example, when breast cancer metastasizes, breast cancer cells are found in the liver, as opposed to carcinoma of the liver.  In Ariel’s case, a totally different kind of cancer, a carcinoma, unrelated to the cancer he started with, developed with a vengeance in the same area that was irradiated and is the one that unfortunately ended up killing him, eight and a half years after the radiation.

Victory at Last

I was already quite advanced into my research and felt that I was getting close, but it still took me five more years to find the answers to my questions and crystallize my Program.

This all came full circle in 2007 when my mother, may she live and be well, was diagnosed with grade 4 metastasized endometrial cancer, and told she had –G-d forbid- 12 to 18 months to live.  The oncologist explained that in a case like hers chemo and radiation have never worked before, but she proposed nevertheless that she try both.  My mother was not willing to suffer the side effects and damage with no offer of a cure.  By this time I had come a long way in understanding the mechanism behind the illness and had a solid theory of how to beat it naturally.  My mother was more than willing to try.  Thank G-d in less than 2 months her tumor disappeared, she entered into remission and remains cancer free.

Word spread through the proverbial grapevine, and as people learned about this, I started to get calls for help from all over the world.  As more people got well, the demand on my time grew exponentially.  Having been in that vulnerable position myself -being caught completely off guard by a frightening diagnosis I could barely comprehend- I can really understand the helplessness and fear they are experiencing.  I share my knowledge with them and provide the type of valuable information I wish I had been armed with to battle the enemy and prevail.  It has been a rewarding experience for me to see people who had lost all hope regain their health against all expectations.

I invite you to browse through this website where I am including the information most often requested by people that contact me.  If you find that I can be of help, please feel free to contact me by phone at 847-815-5588 or by email, at asafirstein@fromcancertohealth.com

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