Fighting Cancer

By Abraham Safirstein

What can I do about it?

There is plenty we can do about it.

Let’s say our good doctor was successful in poisoning, burning or cutting the tumor and no cancer cell is left behind. Did he reverse the reason it happened the first time?  No. The terrain, our body, is the same or even weaker than when it got cancer originally.  This makes us vulnerable for a recurrence.

Our body is a bio-chemical factory in which things happen at the speed of light. Just stand still and feel your respiration; in the time you inhaled and exhaled millions of atoms of oxygen went in, filtered and attached to red blood cells for transportation and carbon dioxide got removed from other red blood cells for disposal. Digestion, elimination, purification, heart, liver, kidneys, brain, hormones, enzymes and what have you, all playing together like a Philharmonic orchestra. It is in itself a miracle that we don’t get a cacophony.  Well, sometimes we do, and that is when things get ugly.

How do I get rid of the cancer? Cancer cells have weaknesses which we can use to our advantage in our quest to eradicate them, and those are the objectives of the program:

•         Starving the cancer

•         Cut off the cancer’s blood supply

•         Fix the environment from acidic to alkaline

•         Induce apoptosis through epigenetic manipulation

•         Balance hormones in the body to eliminate estrogen dominance

•         Correct nutritional deficiencies

•         Employ cytotoxic (toxic to cancer cells) botanical compounds to kill the cancer

•         Remedy inflammation.


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