The Dangers of Mold

In order to resolve any health issue we must first find the underlying cause that lead to the problem in the first place.  Very often disease develops slowly, and as symptoms become more and more pronounced, we lose the forest for the trees and only focus on getting relief from the symptoms, forgetting to investigate why they manifest in the first place.  It’s like the man who sees a light flashing on his dashboard who gets so distracted by the blinking light that he pulls out the fuse to the light.  That gave him relief for some time – that is until the car overheated and he burned out his radiator.  We do the same thing to our body when we take medications that suppress the symptoms but do nothing to resolve the underlying problem.

The tricky part is finding what that underlying problem is.  I find that very often there is a nutritional deficiency to blame for the immune system’s inability to ward off disease.  In addition, there are other external factors that can come into play and wreak havoc with our bodies which include toxins, both in our food and environment.  One such toxin is mold.  The following article that appeared in the Binah Magazine gives an excellent explanation of the dangers of mold and offers practical advice for its removal.

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