I recently came across this term, “nutriphobia” in an article which I quote below, and today I had living proof of its truth. A lovely lady who had been on my cancer program for several months and was making excellent progress was put on chemotherapy and told not to take ANY vitamins and supplements during treatment. To make a long and sad story short, she had to drop the program for about 10 months, her immune system is very weak and her condition has worsened considerably. It pains me to hear her so weak and I wonder, what if she could have kept her immune system strong? All I can do is pray that she can rebuild herself and get healthy again. It has been proven that supplements are beneficial and safe during chemotherapy and radiation but most doctors are unaware of this.

David Stouder, a health-food store owner in Redwood City, California and radio personality, coined the term “Nutriphobia” in describing a condition where otherwise sensible people think that drugs are safe and nutritional supplements are dangerous. As he puts it, “Nutriphobia is not a joke. It causes untold misery and poor health and even leads to fatalities. It is rarely diagnosed before considerable damage has been done and is commonly spread by doctors to their patients. Nutriphobia can cause a person to turn away from natural substances (vitamins, minerals, herbs, amino acids, phytonutrients, etc.) that can truly build and maintain health. Nutriphobia enhances the illusion that consuming synthetic pharmaceuticals (which, when prescribed and taken properly, kill well over 100,000 Americans each year) is the ‘scientific’ way to good health.”


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