A Time to Give Thanks

The following video is from a “Seudas Hodaa” which literally means a meal of thanksgiving.  Traditionally, when one experiences a personal salvation from a difficult challenge, such as recovering from a serious illness, he joins with family and friends in a feast of thanksgiving to the Almighty.  It is a beautiful opportunity to share the miracle of survival and publicly give thanks and display our recognition that G-d guides our lives and sustains us, especially in trying times.

We were fortunate to join this wonderful family in the celebration of their son’s recovery from brain cancer, and we are ever grateful to the Almighty for giving us the opportunity to be instrumental in his recovery through the Safirstein Program.  Here we share some of this “simcha” – joy, with you.

I would like to suggest one more reason we must give thanks for, which is not included in this short video.  As I have stated on many occasions, in most cases cancer develops as a result of nutritional deficiencies that impair the immune system’s ability to properly protect the body from disease.  When a person is successful at repairing the damage and maintains optimal nutrient balance in his system, he now has an incredibly improved health outlook going forward, far better and stronger than before the cancer was found.  Compared to the average person – whose statistical chances of developing cancer are one in three over their lifetime – his chances of developing cancer or any other disease are far slimmer.  His immune system is armed and ready to tackle the obstacles that may come his way and persevere.  I have seen this many times before.  Thank G-d, people who continue with my maintenance program once they achieved remission have not suffered from a recurrence.  The reason, I believe is both logical and simple; their body has the tools that G-d built in to maintain good health.

It is my sincere wish that G-d will grant us the opportunity to be a part of many such joyous occasions and that we will all merit to see our loved ones enjoy good health for many years to come.

Abraham Safirstein

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