Against All Odds


How the Safirstein Program Helped Me Through My Illness

In Nov, 2009, I developed a very bad cough, in which each cough produced mucous with a tiny bit of blood. I went to my doctor and to make a long story short, I was diagnosed with lung cancer, which had spread (metastasized) between my lungs. Fortunately, I was not a candidate for surgery; however my oncologist suggested radiation and chemotherapy.

During this time, there were well-meaning friends and relatives who told me to try natural methods as well. The only problem is, they could not tell me where to turn or what exactly to take. In addition, my doctors were basically against all natural treatment. One person told me I only had to take medicial mushrooms, so I proceeded to investigate this option. There was so much information, and no guidance, that I gave up that pursuit. When one is fighting for one’s life, it is not the opportune time to do research!

After 33 rounds of radiation/chemo treatments, I naively thought I was cured. At this time, the radiation oncologist told me that I have 20% chance of living following these treatments, with the possibility of severe breathing difficulties for the rest of my life. Needless to say, I was in shock! Perhaps if he had told me the odds beforehand, and the resultant damage, I would have looked for different options.

My regular oncologist told me at this time that perhaps I could get my lung removed surgically. But he added that I would be lucky if this option panned out. I decided to pursue this option, since I believed this would remove the damage from the radiation and the cancer. I went to a lung surgeon who did a surgical biopsy and found that I still had a few live cancer cells, and so the surgery was no longer an option. I was very disappointed to find this out.

“What were my options now?”, I thought grimly to myself. I had thought this would be my only chance to be saved. What I found out later is that lung surgery is extremely painful and there is no guarantee of success. In fact, during that time I heard of a man in my situation who had unfortunately passed away. He had a couple of surgeries to remove parts of his lung after treatments, but the cancer returned after that. Thank G-d, I did not have to go that route!

What followed next was more chemotherapy, which was very difficult. Part way into the chemotherapy treatments, a friend of mine heard about Avraham Safirstein. I was a bit skeptical at first, but I finally called him. Well, all I had to do was speak to him, and I was convinced that he knew what he was talking about. I have medical training and what he was saying was very factual and some of it even familiar to me. I always felt so helpless and dependent during the medical treatments.

When I started the Safirstein Program, I felt like I was actively involved in my own recovery. This was very positive and invigorating for me. Mr. Safirstein has kept up on my progress and asked me to call him regularly to let him know how I was doing. I believe that I have been taken care of on the Safirstein Program far better than I had been taken care of in the medical field! While the medical therapies attacked the cancer (as well as some of the rest of my body), I do not believe it would have prevented a recurrence. With the aid of Mr. Safirstein, I was now taking care of the reason why I got sick in the first place. My body just was not working properly, or I would never have developed cancer.

The best news of all: six weeks into Mr. Safirstein’s program, thank G-d I received a clean bill of health! Not only that, but when I saw the radiation oncologist (the same one with the 20% statistics) the next time, he looked at my CT Scan and Pet CT Scan, and he said, “Well, Sahra, it looks like you are cured! If it did not come back by now, I don’t think it will.” I asked my regular doctor how often he sees such a thing, and he said, “Never!”

I highly recommend to anyone who is in a similar situation as mine to look into the Safirstein Program.

Sahra Smith

Neve Yaakov, Israel

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