The Safirstein Program

By now it is obvious to all of us that the “Take these 2 pills and call me in the morning” approach does not work for cancer. It is too much of a powerful enemy, and unless we outsmart it, it will be very difficult to overcome.

The Safirstein Program may be started while continuing conventional treatments in coordination with your health care provider. Our experience is that it compliments and boosts the efficacy of conventional therapies while minimizing the often difficult side effects.

I encourage people to eat everything, just smartly.
I don’t recommend crazy diets, or strenuous exercises.   For example, instead of white refined sugar, you will use dehydrated cane juice; instead of white flour, use whole grains; instead of trans fatty acids, margarine, shortening and refined oils, use organic flax seed oil, extra virgin olive oil, or extra virgin coconut oil.  You are encouraged to eat meat, fish, chicken, eggs, milk, cheese and foods as close as they come in nature (even cholent is ok!)  I cannot call this a diet, this food plan is simply an intelligent and healthy way to feed yourself and your family.

Our program empowers your immune system to destroy cancer cells.
Our program consists of specific nutrients that target the many weaknesses of cancer cells and supply the ammunition that your immune system needs to win the war.  The components are powder, capsules and drops with an easy to follow daily schedule.

The Safirstein Program delivers the following benefits:
•    Blocks the glucose receptors of cancer cells in order to starve them.
•    Dissolves the cancer cell membrane to provoke lysing (cancer cell disintegration).
•    Switches on the genes responsible for apoptosis and tumor suppression.
•    Increases the body’s pH to achieve an alkaline level above 7.2.
•    Provides metabolites to produce superoxide molecules, a natural chemotherapy.
•    Blocks the Aromatase enzyme to inhibit the production of estrogens.
•    Supplies essential minerals and vitamins to maximize epigenetic response.
•    Balances the ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 in the cellular membranes.
•    Inhibits inflammation to block angiogenesis.
•    Supplies proper support for optimal oxygen metabolism.
•    Supports proper estrogen to progesterone/testosterone balance.
•    Supplies botanical compounds essential to life.

Our two steps to success:
Safirstein Strategy:  Most conventional treatments only target one or two of the above, usually with unpleasant side effects.  By targeting all these battlefronts naturally, we maximize the potential for victory in a non-toxic fashion, which is compatible with and boosts the efficacy and tolerance of most conventional treatments.

Safirstein Coaching: One of the pillars of the program is the personal guidance by a qualified and experienced coach.  She and I are always available to instruct and answer any questions that may come up.

Contact me for your initial consultation.
The next step is to contact me either by phone at 847-815-5588 or by email and let’s talk.

You and I can address any concerns or questions you may have to give you the confidence you need to start battling your enemy with a fresh approach.

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