Dead Doctors Don’t Lie

After my late son’s diagnosis, my good friend, Dr. Marshall Moss shared with me his vast knowledge of nutritional information related to cancer.  He then gave me the very famous Dead Doctors Don’t Lie tape by Dr. Joel Wallach. He told me that I will find it fascinating and entertaining and that it will be very well worth my time.

It was both things, but I became very suspicious that Dr. Wallach was not telling the truth, or at least not the whole truth. So I decided to do my own research to prove him wrong. What he was saying was too radical, and when it came to conditions and diseases that are considered incurable by mainstream medicine, he turned all those concepts upside down.

His advantage is that he was a veterinarian and an animal pathologist before becoming an MD, so at the beginning of his career he didn’t have the restraints of dealing with humans in his research.

To my surprise, I couldn’t find anything he said to be misleading or wrong. It opened my eyes and curiosity to the fact that our cells function according to what we ingest, we are what we eat. And the problem is not as much what we eat as what we don’t. The biggest problem is deficiencies.

After you listen to this recording please challenge me with questions. I will be happy to chat with you.

Click on this link to listen to Dead Doctors Don’t Lie